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2023 Harvest Year, Road Improvement & Bone Fracture

Its been a while since I last posted anything here. In August I had a wrist bone fracture while trying to slide up plywood on to the roof of the farm house to protect the roof from potential damage from falling ripe durians.

It is now 8 weeks since I've broken my wrist bone. This is to show that farm work does have its risk and safety should be put as the #1 priority. Nonetheless, farm work and management work goes on during my recovery.

This years harvest was by far the best harvest of the farm. Total harvest weight was 1,070 kg. Harvest period started early August and ended 3 weeks later.

durian cleaning
Workers cleaning durian skins from debris

Fruits as normal with past years was distributed to middle men, sold at the roadside stall by my relative, delivered to ordering customers in Kuala Lumpur and given away to family members.

It is now October and since it is now the rainy season, I had decided on some infrastructure improvement works as below:

  1. Access road & farm house compound repairs

  2. Drain pipe drilling on retaining wall.

Ordered approximately 3 tipper truck loads of 2" crusher run from the local quarry I normally get my supply from. Noticed the price increase since the last time I ordered in 2018. Access road repairs and re-laying was done in anticipation of a new farm store and car porch cum solar panel array foundation planned for early 2024. The crusher run was levelled using a backhoe on the access road leading to the farm house and also along the entire front compound of the house.

farm house
House compound after levelling with crusher run

Farm house
Retaining wall

I observed during a day when the rain was pouring heavily that water was coming through the crevices on the retaining wall shown in the photo above. This gave evidence that water was accumulating below the crusher run and this may put enormous static pressure on one side of the retaining wall.

Worker drilling drain holes prior to pipe insertion

I decided to drill a few drain holes along the lower wall with 15mm Class 7 uPVC pipe sleeves inserted after the holes were drilled.

Video shows the final crusher run distribution and levelling after work was completed by the backhoe and manual levelling work by workers.

Thanks for reading and cheers!

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